Tuesday, 18 November 2008

The Power of Less

All of a sudden, I have started to feel like a saint. I leave it to your perception but its somewhere on those lines.

It takes me about 30 minutes to reach my office in the morning. The road I travel is quite wide, about 6 lanes on each side. They say that when your view is large your vision becomes larger (never heard of it? My quote!).

I was sitting quietly next to the glass window seat thinking about nothing. I was in a solace. I was feeling the oneness with myself. My thoughts were slowly getting audible to me. It was like somebody whispering in surround sound in my ears. The special effect is not that important than what I heard. If you had read one of my previous ramblings you would notice that I was searching for "what next?". Although I haven't completely found the answer but I have moved a bit closer towards the subset of a probable answer. I am not sure if its an outcome of my misadventures with life or just another thought. It could be both or neither.

I heard that its very critical to be ambitious. Ambition drives you and lets you become what you are, and it gives you the future course of action. It blesses you with a goal, sometimes an objective. I would take this opportunity to explain that ambition is a general term, and has nothing to do with personal requirements or achievements. More often than not, we see ambitious people as self-centered(more polite word for selfish!).

I am not sure, but this is how I used to see this word in my rear mirror(the one that says "Objects in this mirror are closer than they appear"). We are exploring the positive nature of this word. Mayavati's ambition(to be the PM of this country... ha ha) can make her self-centered, but Mahatma Gandhi's ambition to see this country free can't come into this category. Its what you call Philanthropy. What you see is what you believe. The glass is always half filled.

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