Wednesday, 5 May 2010

What’s in the name?

A lot of people asked me what the meaning of my name is. It started when I was in 6th standard, and my moral science teacher asked me this question, and believe me it was a part of the oral examination (this is the term used for an examination where you aren’t supposed to write anything but speak, like an interview – don’t think of anything else you filthy mind!) so marks were at stake. No points for guessing but I didn’t know the answer, and there was no Google at that time - I am prehistoric, ain’t I?

Finally, I know that meaning of my name now. You can just Google it to find for yourself.

Now, the point is why did I name my son Sonit? Well, there are many theories doing the rounds, but the one that it rhymed well with my name was the deciding factor. To add to the rhyme was the fact that my pet name Sonu, my wife’s pet name Soni, and my son’s name Sonit gel extremely well together. Last but not the least is the fact that I couldn’t think of any better names.

As you know some history is mandatory in all my texts, so here you go. Ever since I thought of having a family of my own, I had decided to name my kids Aayush and Ananaya. Good names aren’t they? Yes, they are, and I almost certainly decided on this name. But, I had to change my mind at the last moment because I heard about Shekhar Suman’s son who had the same name.

Actually, people tend to get superstitious when they have something in mind for someone they love. It taught me a lot of things about life. Although I had understood it before but then I began to respect and honor decisions taken by people in and around me.

That’s a sweet little note on how Aayush became Sonit, but what's in the name afterall?

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Anonymous said...

Sonit is a beautiful name, I think it means person with good intentions. May god bless him.