Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Work, Ceremony and Me

I have been keeping really busy for the last couple of weeks. Mostly, office kept me busy apart from a major family ceremony – Sonit’s mundan. The guy with long curly locks is now reduced to shiny heads. I was expecting him to cry and create a lot of noise over it, but he remained calm and composed. I was more nervous than he was.

Last week my family came from my hometown, and all of sudden my house is full. We are a strong 15 people noisy neighborhood now. Movies, popcorn, Pepsi, laughter and lots of fun kept us busy.

Sonit likes the idea of jumping around. He carries a lot of surprise for the people around him. So when he jumped from my bed it surprised a few but when he jumped from the arm rest of my sofa (which is about 2.5 feet from floor) he surprised all. The venture that surprised me was when he was about to jump from the back of my nephew who was doing a horse act for him on bed. Altitude from the floor was about 4.5 feet; we somehow managed to keep him from doing that!

Work kept me on my toes for the last couple of weeks. Do you remember you once said that I can’t work in a team? As always you were correct. I have been working as a lone contributor for quite some time now. I don’t trust people for the skills that they have. I have found very few people whom I can trust as far as work is concerned. I have noticed that people who work with me invariably go through a large amount of change by the end of a project. I think I influence the way they think, and sometime I feel that I have an intimidating presence. But, whatever it is, I deliver – exactly what the business want with quality. My boss, who is the chief architect of the organization, was in town. He relocated to the US a few months ago – and he wanted to get things done on time. As I am acting as an individual contributor on this project, I pumped myself in and got it what he wanted – so he was very pleased with the progress. It made me feel good too! In my last organization, I was part of a big team where people wanted to discuss everything – you can imagine what could have been the scene of one of those meetings. I sincerely feel that you can choose any color you want as long as it is black.

I am not autocratic, I am a thorough democrat, but I am also aware of the fact that you can’t have inputs and work on it from each member of your team. You need to be able to take decisions on your own. I can’t say that all of my decisions are great and that they offer the best solution, but most people feel that it’s good in the given set of variables. Sometimes, I have deliberately offered my self to be driven by others, but after a while I insisted on back seat driving.

I have also realized that managing people is not my strength. Although I can be very diplomatic at times and carry a lot of convincing abilities, but I love technology. I want to be in the middle of the game as long as my game lasts.


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Sanjeet Sahay said...

I'll be obliged if you could be a little more specific (I mean Congrats for what?)

Anonymous said...

Congrats for Sonit's Mundan and All the Best with the team :)

Sanjeet Sahay said...

Yesterday they called me for a technical discussion; we came up with 3 important pointers on solving the issue, can you guess who proposed them?

Anonymous said...

A No brainer - You :)

Sanjeet Sahay said...

cho chweet

Deepu George V said...

You wrote almost everything that I learned about you in the last 7 months, after joining your team..... :)