Thursday, 3 July 2008

Do you believe in ghosts?

Do you believe in ghosts?

I can't say for sure whether I do or not. I may tend to say no. People who claim to have witnessed it will say that its just a matter of time when you see one. Scientists and researchers may attribute it to anomalous magnetic and electric fields at certain locations. They do not believe in God either. They never have found any proof!!!

When I was in college, I studied about Id, Ego, and SuperEgo. Id is stubbornness, ego is based on the moral values you gain over time - the good and bad of things, and SuperEgo is all about beliefs. It could be your belief in religion, its teachings. These are the various states of your mind. Id tends to overpower your sensibilities and you may end up crying for moon. Ego provides a healing touch and explains to you that you can't have moon because: its too large, too far, impossible to bring to earth, and simply because its not yours!!! I am unsure if everybody can have SuperEgo - the inner eye that can see God and can seek his answers.

Believing in Ghosts could be a state of mind. Is it the Id in you? It can't be Ego, or SuperEgo for sure. If its Id then it has to be intense and it is. Its a known fact that hatred is the easiest and the most intense emotion. It usually comes naturally. Its the Id in you. It simply captivates your mind. Love on the other hand is a milder emotion. What about Fear? What about devotion?

If there is good, there has to be some evil to balance the world. You may call them the positive and negative forces. Even atoms - the building blocks of matter have them in equal proportion. The constant shift of balance provides the energy necessary to keep things moving.

I think if you believe in God, you have to believe in the negative forces also. Ghosts could be one of them. Existence of Gods is an entirely different and debatable story altogether. Its your brain that decides. Let it decide.

In the meantime take a look at the picture below. I captured this in London.

Doesn't it seem like I photographed a ghost? Its 100% original photograph, and explains a lot a camera can do. There are technical limitations to a camera. This image is of a fast moving car with a person sitting inside it as it passes by me.

This is what I see as proofs presented by a lot of people around in various articles over the Net, be it the ghosts of Bhangarh, or Scotland. Never mind, the real proof is in your head. Its how you see or feel or perceive things around you.
If you believe in it, you will feel it someday. If you don't you will not. But, its not as easy. Even if you don't and if you are subjected to such a circumstance that has led others to believe, chances are that you will tend to believe in it too. Why? Your brain might not have a ready-made answer, and you have been hearing stories about it for years. So, you will end up believing.

How many times have you been scared within your own home when the light goes off and there is darkness all around? Don't you feel sometimes that a pair of eyes is watching you at that moment? There is no ghost around but you feel like having one. Your brain is a smart thing...


Kapil Sethi said...


Kapil Sethi said...

I cannot write much but yes you are right "Empty Mind is Devil's Workshop".

One doesn't get such thoughts if his/her mind is preoccupied with other important matters.

Ask a poor man who doesn't know how he will get his next day's bread-n-butter if he has seen any ghost!!