Friday, 11 July 2008

The Nature Inc.

Salman Rushdie wins booker again. Good news, but I don't care. I am into writing blogs, but I can't read books. A very good friend of mine sometimes used to read novels. I wondered how? So many pages of dull text, even the font is not very good. I like cartoons. Its not that I like reading comics either, but it should be colorful, short, and crisp.

I don't know what was the topic of his book: Midnight's Children. Who cares? What I care about is that he is "communicating" with Riya Sen a little too often. Some people are born lucky!!! It has nothing to do with Riya anyways, its about the undue leverage God has given to some people. Even Charles Sobhraj is talking about girls at 64. I can't stop myself from talking about Shane - The Warne. I don't know how India survived him for 6 weeks while he was playing in IPL. But, as soon as he went back home, he started doing what he does best - yielding to nature. People say he is the best captain Australian cricket never had.

Its not about the Salmans, or Charles, or Warnes of the world, its about nature. We are animals - alright, social animals, happy? We live in houses, wear clothes, make buildings and computer systems. But never find any happiness in what we create.

I don't know about everyone, but I think a cool natural breeze can give you what an AC can't. Alright, what would you prefer? Constant bombardment of chilling air on your face inside a room or lovely, cool, fragrant breeze near a mountain/hill/whatever? Do you prefer watching snow clad mountains on your 42" LCD TV or being there to feel it? What about watching Katrina Kaif on TV than seeing her in person? Oh my God. What? I only said "seeing her in person".

The real thing is that nothing gives you more peace and satisfaction than Nature. There are no alternatives to Natural beauties of the world. Your alignment might differ - you may prefer a man or a woman/women, hills, cliffs, mountains, oceans, sandy beaches... All the beautiful things in life that God has given to us. You can't ever get enough of it. I love natural beauties of the world - did you guess my preference?

Don't forget to share your preference. What do you like?


Anonymous said...

I don't think you have come across very good books otherwise you wouldn't have calling them dull. I love reading and if I am free I can finish two novels in a day. It's my opinion that we learn a lot by reading book at least I do. I love fiction; if you get a chance you should read Agatha Christie, Sidney Sheldon, Dan brown. Have you read Harry Potter, I know you must be laughing at me but trust me you should read it once. The way author has described a world that doesn't exist in reality is amazing.

Sanjeet Sahay said...

Yes, I remember Sidney Sheldon's references. It appears to be one of your favorites.
Well, who knows one day I might start reading novels. Infact, I have never read any. I had the pdf version of "Harry Potter and the order of the phoenix", but couldn't read beyond the preface.